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 Neo Tako

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PostSubject: Neo Tako   Wed Sep 09, 2015 11:31 pm

Name: Neo Tako
Age: 14
Birthdate: September 10th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Clan: /
Rank: Special Jounin

Village: Umigakure no Sato
Element(s): Water Release | Lightning Release | Storm Release
Specialties: Ninjutsu | Kenjutsu | Medical Ninjutsu
Special Characteristics:

  • Name: Heterochromia Iridum
    Type: Physical Condition
    Description: Neo suffers from a condition known as Heterochromia iridum which causes her eyes to be two separate colors; in Neo's case one is brown while the other is a pinkish white.


Weight: 85 Pounds
Hair Color: Left Side: Pink with White stripes | Right Side: Brown
Eye Color: Left: Brown | Right: Pinkish White
General Description: Her hair is half pink and half brown, with white streaks in the pink half. This hair choice often leads those who don't know her to take the first impression of her being somewhat rebelious or even a trouble maker – however this is far from the truth and simply something she played off of early on in life due to her eyes.

She suffers from a condition called heterochromia iridum, where the eyes have two different colors, and because of this her left eye is brown while her right eye is a pinkish white color.

Neo is rather diminutive in stature; often using her small size in combat to better her odds and chances, and to exploit openings.

When off duty Neo wears a white jacket with a pink interior; the back of the jacket going down to her knees while the front stops much higher than that, brown pants, and gray boots with very high heels. Under her jacket is a black corset, curved in the middle at the bottom, exposing her hips. She also wears a multitude of necklaces, which hang haphazardly around her neck.

When on duty she wears a black body suit with a vest over top of this with a variety of pockets. Typical open toed, black shinobi sandals are worn upon her feet, and fingerless gloves cover her hands. Her village hitai-ate is worn around her waist.

About You!
Personality: Neo appears to exhibit a stern, business-like demeanor when she's on duty, and on missions. She keeps a very professional air around herself, and believes in being a proper example for her village: attempting to avoid making her village look bad. Also she always seems to wear a self-assured smile and is exceptionally polite, especially when dealing with strangers or those she doesn't have a reason to be rude or crude towards.

She easily shows confidence on the battlefield, though sometimes this leads to her taunting and mocking her opponents while fighting. It also leaves her to being a tad bit reckless; leading to her often attempting stunts and moves that others wouldn't dare try due to how dangerous they would be. Off of the battlefield this leads to Neo being more then willing to try extreme sports; hiking without proper gear, cliff diving, exploring different caves and a variety of other things.

Neo is also shown to have a slightly psychopathic and cruel side especially against those who attempt to mess with her cause harm to her friends and family, or her village. In battle she shows no mercy; she will slaughter any and all who are considered a threat to those whom she holds dear.

She's very loyal to her friends, family, and her village: therefore this cruelty tends to increase when dealing with those defecting from the village or otherwise doing something to betray it.

However, this loyalty also leads her to show a much kinder side as well: she can be super and kind, willing to lend a helping hand without a second thought to any who she can consider an ally.

When she's not on duty, or otherwise on missions, Neo has a very bubbly and happy side to her personality. She likes to be active, and constantly on the go. She's happy almost all of the time, and has a smile that is very infectious. She loves to joke, and goof around.

History: Neo's life had a very interesting start. Her mother was a beautiful shinobi named Yang from a rather well to do family within the village of Umigakure no Sato; while her mother's family didn't care for her choice of a shinobi's profession they allowed it to continue because it made her happy – something that they would all come to regret later on down the road. Her mother rose through the ranks within their village, and soon enough was tasked with much harder and dangerous assignments. On one of these missions she was to gather information on a target while remaining inconspicuous in the process. She had spent weeks staking out a particular bar that her target was said to visit often and on her last evening she caught his attention; thinking it was simply because she was a beautiful woman who might provide company for the evening.

Yang, thinking quickly and deciding to allow this act to provide her cover in her attempt to complete her mission, followed after her target after striking up a conversation with the male. She allowed her target to lead her out of the bar and to his home several drinks later; however it was all a ruse. He knew she was a shinobi, his intel on her being rather vast and detailed compared to what little information she had been given on him. Yang found herself forcefully taken advantage of, tortured for any information she could provide, and then released when her target was finished with her. When Yang returned home she spent nearly three months in the hospital, and it became known that was pregnant.

Yang's mother had no interest in the child growing within her, but didn't have the heart to have her life cut short. With this in mind Yang brought Neo to full term and then decided to set up a private adoption: ensuring she was given to someone who would be able to fully provide for her and take care of her. It was because of this that she became Ansho's daughter.

Her new father was strict, but fair and very dotting. Neo, of course, proved to be a rare jewel; a diamond in the ruff so to speak. Unlike most children who could never keep still, and who were constantly being noisy and causing disturbances, Neo was very calm and very quiet. She preferred even at a young age to have her nose in books and learning everything there was to learn instead of outside getting dirty or messing with dolls and toys. Of course, when she was old enough she was more then willing to throw herself into her training: she had a knack at a young age for Ninjutsu. Due to her small size – as she was smaller then even more children her age despite how well she was taken care of – she tended to lean more towards using swords instead of her hands and feet.

What started out as training with wooden swords escalated into the real thing even before she was entered into the Academy; though always under careful and watchful eyes so that she nor anyone else ended up accidentally injured.

When entered into the Academy Neo quickly rose to be at the top of her class; her dedication to her studies and her training couldn't be rivaled by anyone in her age group. While others goofed around and slacked off she constantly kept her nose in books; learning and expanding her knowledge. What she couldn't find on her own she was more then willing to ask about. Due to this brainchild manner she had about herself she was often picked on and considered a 'know it all' by the other children; leaving her to spend the majority of her time alone.

When her time came to graduate from the Academy and become a proper Genin Neo – and her father – couldn't be happier. Like all new Genin Neo was assigned to a squad that she would do missions with and train with on a pretty steady basis. She was the only girl in her squad. Her sensei was named Tai and tended to be a rather strict individual who believed in rigorous training exercises that often led them to be unable to move the next day. Her two team-mates were named Huang – a goofball who seemed to prefer showing off and causing problems to actually training and learning anything, and Yen – another 'nerd' like her who got lucky enough to be considered one of the cool kids in the Academy due to who his father and mother were. They all clashed for weeks, but in the end the training provided seemed to help them to mold and form into a well oiled machine which increased their ability to preform well on missions. What was disastrous trainings at first that led them to all being in agony the next day, because easy training exercises that left them with plenty of time at the end of the day to just hang out and relax. What was absolute chaos on missions came to planned and coordinated attacks that landed almost always without fail.

Life was good for Neo, and seemed like it couldn't get any better. However, on her last mission with her squad disaster struck. What was to be a basic c-ranked assignment of escorting a woman from Umigakure back to her home village turned into a fight for their lives. Misinformation was given in a ploy to save money on escort costs, and because of this the squad was ill prepared for what awaited them. Upon being ambushed their sensei was the first to fall in his attempt to save everyone else. Upon him falling her team-mates demanded she keep the female they were escorting safe and to take her to her village – which at that point wasn't far – while they held off any further attacks. Neo was to return with backup once their mission was complete.

Even though Neo wanted to remain, to fight by the sides of her comrades and friends, she did her proper shinobi duty and ensured that the woman they were escorting reached her village. She gathered up any available shinobi upon arrival, however when she returned to the scene of the battle she found a bloodbath waiting for her: her entire team had been slaughtered.

While her mission had been a success the cost had been the lives of her sensei and her friends. Upon returning home her efforts, and 'right' choices led to her promotion to Chuunin – but there was no celebrating this. Neo became melancholy for weeks, only speaking when she absolutely had to but otherwise remaining silent: it was the first time in her life that she had seen the true life of a shinobi, the real danger that her father, herself, and everyone else who wore a village hitai-ate faced day by day.

It took weeks for Neo to come out of the depressed funk that she had fallen into, but sure enough her bubbly personality prevailed and she returned – mostly – to her old self; though she was far more stern when it came to missions, and she took her job as a shinobi all that more seriously. Because of this new method about her she was doubly careful on missions, and her passes began to far surpass fails. She gained a reputation about herself as being a thinker: and because of this people often came to her and sought advice. She was called upon for the trickier missions, and often added onto squads simply for her ability to plan and execute effectively.

Due to this another promotion was not far off in Neo's future: she was promoted to Special Jounin shortly after a very high ranked and dangerous mission turned out to be a flawless victory due to her method of planning, and the ideas she had come up with.

RP Sample: ”Can anyone tell me the name of the jutsu we use to often substitute another object in place of ourselves?”, her sensei asked as she adjusted her glasses back onto her nose. Her sensei looked around while her nose slid back down to rest at the tip of her nose, as did Neo: she knew the answer but was hoping to not be the first student to raise her hand again. It happened a lot: Neo was a bit of a brainchild, and took her studies very seriously, so she often knew the answers to the questions being asked during lectures.

Seeing that no one else was raising their hand Neo sighed and slowly slipped her own into the air. Her sensei looked around, obviously checking to see if anyone else knew the answer or was at least willing to give it a try, before she looked back towards Neo and nodded her approval for her to answer. ”Kawarimi no Jutsu, otherwise known as the Substitution Jutsu. It allows us to replace ourselves with what is usually a log; making a quick and easy method of avoiding an attack in battle. You can also attach explosive tags to the log, making it an attack as well as a method of escape. The move is also used to create a distraction so that you can attempt to exploit an opening so that you can attack your opponent without them being able to stop you.”

”Correct again, Neo.”, said her sensei as he beamed at her in approval. ”Perhaps Neo is the only one who wishes to pass their exam tomorrow?”, he added as he turned his now glaring attention onto the rest of the class who began to squirm guiltily and glare at Neo.

Neo's face went pink from the compliment, and then instantly turned beat red at his scolding of the rest of the class. Several of her classmates were glaring at her, which caused her to focus her gaze onto her desk, hands clasped together tightly as she attempted not to fidget uncomfortably. She didn't like being the center of attention, she never had, and she definitely didn't need people giving her classmates more fuel to tease and pick on her – they did that enough because of her being what they called a 'know it all'.  It reminded her again why she didn't like answering questions in class, even if she definitely knew the answer.

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Neo Tako
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