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 Amatsu Kishou [Locker]

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Jounin (A)

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PostSubject: Amatsu Kishou [Locker]   Sat Sep 19, 2015 5:15 pm

Name: Shroud of Shadows
Type: Cloak
Rank: Legendary
Upgrade Slots: n/a
Affinities: /
When not worn, this cloak looks to be a dark and heavy cloak. When worn dissolves into a shadow shroud around the wearer leaving only the broach as a physical link, the shadows remain regardless of light, and it obscure the wearer's identity.
Protection: While worn the cloak always masks the wearer's exact location so that they are protected from chakra sensing/targeting abilities. This cloak also protects the wearer from basic attacks and jutsu of A rank or below due to its thickness.
Enhancements: The cloak hides the wearer and their effects (weapons, gear, ect) from any sight/sensory based abilities. Any kind of bonuses the jutsu caster gets from their jutsu are negated in relation to the wearer. (Eg: The doujutsu does not provide an increased reaction or other effects in relation to the wearer. For all intensive purposes sensory/doujutsu are not active when viewing the wearer of the cloak.)
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Amatsu Kishou [Locker]
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