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 A Message from Kurayami [Okami]

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A Message from Kurayami [Okami] Empty
PostSubject: A Message from Kurayami [Okami]   A Message from Kurayami [Okami] EmptySun Jan 03, 2016 8:11 pm

Emiko, upon nearing the village entrance, paused long enough to write a quick message to Okami. She didn't bother jerking him around, or making it too long. When the message was written she would send it to him; the bird flying off into the distance and disappearing into the darkness as it headed straight and true toward Morigakure.

The letter would read as follows: Okami. Head to Sabakugakure. We'll be there soon. Meet us outside of the Holeman Clinic.

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A Message from Kurayami [Okami]
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