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 Kurama Senju [Jutsu Registation]

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Kurama Senju
Special Jounin
Special Jounin

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PostSubject: Kurama Senju [Jutsu Registation]   Sat Jan 16, 2016 4:16 am

Special Jounin: 10D, 6C, 3B, 1A (20 Total)
D: 10/10
C: 6/6
B: 3/3
A: 1/1
Total: 20/20

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PostSubject: Re: Kurama Senju [Jutsu Registation]   Sat Jan 16, 2016 9:36 pm

Transmission Wood: This is going to need a definite range. At D rank it cannot be all ranges. You'd get at the most the ability to traack someone for 15 meters, but that's stretching it for D rank. This also needs a cooldown; x amount of posts before you can use the technique again after you cancel the jutsu.

Wood Release: Great Forest Technique: This jutsu the way it is written is definitely B rank or higher, not D rank. You also need to specifiy how many branches are created, and how deep they can pierce, as well as how long your reach is during this jutsu. Also, the cooldown needs upped by a few posts.

Wood Release: Hand Tool Manipulation: You need to add in that if this is being used to create a shield of some kind it can only protect against D rank or lower attacks. It also will break after being hit a few times, choose a number of hits it can withstand. If used to create a weapon then it would do only D rank damage because it's a D rank jutsu.

Wood Release: Underground Roots Technique: How many roots can be created per rank? What's the duration for C rank? You also need to specifiy a range: how far away from the user can this technique work before it stops? Specifiy distance per rank, please.

Wood Release; Wood Spikes Ring: Bump this up to C rank. Also, please note that anyone with C-3 strength or higher would be able to break out of this jutsu.

Hidden Mist Technique: Approved

Water Release: Poison Mist Technique: Approved

Temporary Paralysis Technique: Approved

Body Flicker Technique: Approved

Water Release: Hiding in Water: Approved

Wood Release: Four PIller House Technique: How big is this structure? Also note in there that if using special tags to block sensory they msut be apped and bought in the item mall before hand, please.

Wood Release: Wood Locking Wall: You're either going to have to make a separate S rank jutsu of this, or scale it as C-S, with each rank getting larger and stronger. If that is what you choose to do then please detail how large each rank's structure are. If not then please describe how large this can get. Also note that anyone with C-3 strength or higher will be abale to bust through it.

Wood Release: Four Piller Prison Technique: This sounds like it needs to be written as a scaling jutsu of C-S. Otherwise, write it with a specific size in mind of so many meters to so many meters. Please keep in mind that jutsu do not cover vast distances unless they are much higher rank so please keep it relatively small in size.

Wood Release: Transformation: Okay, I'm a big confused by the wording of this. Are you making yourself look like a tree/wood? Or something else entirely? Please specify.

Mayfly. You're going to need a cooldown. You also need to note that you'd get a +1 tier boost to your speed but no higher: that means that if your'e speed is D-1, you'd get to move D-2 using this technique. You're not going to get any faster than that until you hit A rank, and even then thats' only +2 tier speed. Also, please note that anyone with Perception higher than the user's will be able to detect them, as that's the way our stats work on here.

Wood Clone Technique: How many hits can these clones stand before they break (How many attacks of each rank can they withstand before being destroyed. Please note that anything higher than their own rank will destroy them immeditately) How far away an they travel from the user? Remove the portion about Madara please. Change the cooldown as well; 1 post per clone isn't how we work clone jutsu. Just make it a set number all together such as 3 posts.

Wood Release: Cutting Technique: How many weapons can be created in that one post? Please note that if you create a sword/bow/ect you must have the required spec to wield it. Also note that these do damage of B rank and no higher; if they clash with weapons of higher rank they will shatter, and if they withstand too many hits of their rank and lower they will likewise break.

Wood Release: Nativity of a Sea of Trees: How many trees can be created per post? Over how great of a distance? How tall are these trees?

Rasengan: Approved

Please move all approved jutsu to your Jutsu List, make the necessary changes to the jutsu that need fixed up, and then bump the registry again when you've completed that.
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Kurama Senju [Jutsu Registation]
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