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 Jr Kane [Stuff]

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Jr Kane
Jounin (S)
Jounin (S)

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PostSubject: Jr Kane [Stuff]   Sun Jan 24, 2016 6:10 pm

Name: Bag
Type: Storage Device
Description A simple bag for carrying supplies, weapons and other items.

Name: Boom Boom Gloves
Type: Non-Armor Cloth Glove
Rank: A
Description: Cloth gloves, simple in cut and design, worn by Jr to aid in his explosive jutsu and skills, made specifically for him by Nana. 
Enhancements: The material of the gloves is known as spark cloth; a special woven glass cloth with a rough texture and impregnated with phosphorous; which allows the creation of simple sparks when struck; usually via a snapping motion. Chakra can also be used to create the spark effect via heating of the glove. The inner palm of both gloves has a basic Explosion seal inscribed into it; which the wearer is able to copy, alter, then place upon any object he can touch so long as he is wearing the gloves. The gloves are able to place explosive seals of A-Rank power or lower.
Using these gloves Jr is capable of touching an object or objects, and then waiting 1-5 posts before detonating it/them. 

Name:Hidden Blade
Type: Knife + Bracer
Enhancements:Pivot Blade--allows the user to rotate the blade 90 degrees and wield it like a dagger. It could be held either in the hammer or icepick grip, therefore enabling the user to have the option to quickly stab, cut, and slash his enemies. Notably, the weapon can be dual-wielded alongside a sword, dagger, ect, increasing the weapon's lethality.
Description:The iconic weapon of the Assassins, the Hidden Blade was used for both stealth assassinations and regular combat. It was their most versatile weapon, with multiple upgrades and forms of use. It consisted of a retractable blade, usually in conjunction with a protective bracer. As such, the blade could be discreetly extended or retracted, making it a valuable tool for assassinations.

Item: Wireless Radio
Rank: D
Quantity: 1
Price: 150 Ryo each
Description: The wireless radio transmits signals using electromagnetic waves with frequencies below those of visible light, which are then recieved by other radios tuned into the same frequency, and are useful for long range communication up to a range of 2 kilometres. However, this form of communication can be intercepted by certain devices, and as such is insecure.
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Jr Kane [Stuff]
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