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 So much Green? Or so Little? [Open]

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PostSubject: So much Green? Or so Little? [Open]   Thu Feb 04, 2016 7:44 pm

[OOC: So, since no one has started this Kage Summit thing I suppose I'll just start a random thread to use until then.]

Shizuka had never seen so many trees in her life. Oh sure, there were trees back home, but they were just trees. These? These were trees. Big enough to even have a house built into them, which some actually did! Shizuka couldn't imagine living inside of a tree. While it would probably always smell good, and it was already there so outside of hollowing it out you wouldn't have to worry about building anything, what happened if you set it on fire? Cooking accidents happened. Hell, premature inflammation happened. Say goodbye to your home!

Not that Shizuka wished any of these people any ill will. Well, not yet. She hadn't been given a reason and if things went smoothly she wouldn't be given one. Alec had invited her to come along, something she hadn't expected, and she wasn't going to purposely screw it up or cause trouble. She would keep her hands, and her gunscythe, to herself unless the situation warrented a violent response. She might have been a trained assassin, but she wasn't completely heartless - at least, not as much as she used to be. The Kane's and their friends had awakened something in her recently she hadn't felt before: human emotions she had bottled up and ignored up until recently.

Shizuka was, for the moment, standing on the docks near the big ship Alec owned. She was simply watching everyone for the moment as they went about their various activities. Shizuka liked to people watch, mostly because she had spent a good majority of her life locked in a cage. People were interesting, the things that they did were interesting - well, mostly. Some humans, like the fat man who looked like he weighed nearly five hundred pounds and was struggling to walk up the steps with the stains on the back of his clothing that looked like human waste while he himself smelled of booze? Well, he was disgusting.

Shizuka side stepped deeper into the nearby shadows of the Mossberg: she had no interest in being spotted by that stranger and drawing his attention. Thankfully, Shizuka's outfit, which was a black hooded body suit with the hood up and casting her face in shadow, helped her to blend in rather well: she could have 'changed' her clothing of course to blend in better but she rather liked this outfit, and it worked to keep her well covered.

Softly, Shizuka began to hum a content tune: she was at peace at the moment, and calm, which would easily show for those who knew what her various sound effects meant.
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PostSubject: Re: So much Green? Or so Little? [Open]   Fri Feb 05, 2016 7:44 pm

The sweet scent of Chill hovered around Jayr as she wandered down the docks. She left in her wake a trail of smoke from the bowl currently in her hand. Several passersby paused to look at her in complete disbelief: clearly thinking she was doing something 'illegal'. It might have looked that way, but technically outside of a short list of people no one really knew about Chill and its effects. Jayr smoked it because it kept her inner beast calm and quiet, and kept her from hulking out in a sense.

Jayr often ventured down to the docks on days like today. The inn her mother owned, and which she worked in, was busy: too many people, too many smells, too much noise. She was half Yanagi, which was more than enough to have made her blind - evident of the white blindfold she wore across her eyes. This blindness didn't effect her being able to 'see', she just did so another way, however when the inn got too crowded it tended to be overwhelming to say the least. The docks though? They were open, and calming. Plus, it was a great way to people watch.

At the moment the arrival of individuals she had never seen before caught her attention and caused her to pause. The bowl was brought to her lips once more, and some quick word made with the lighter. As she inhaled she noticed a rather large individual with some nasty looking stains on his backside trying to make it up the steps, without even turning her head, causing her to wrinkle her nose in disgust. "Gross...", she would comment, her head turning towards the girl who was clearly trying to hide; something that couldn't easily be done from her form of sensory.

Wordcount: 325
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So much Green? Or so Little? [Open]
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