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 Kurayami Clan

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PostSubject: Kurayami Clan   Fri Aug 28, 2015 1:56 pm

Clan: 暗闇~Kurayami

Location: Kurayamigakure

Clan History:
The Kurayami Clan is an ancestor clan which has been secretly developing dark release since approximately 500 years ago. This clan was founded by a band of missing-nin from various countries; making this clan dangerous and undercover. The development of this jutsu required more than a hundred people to die. Some because of their chakra being absorbed, some because their blood was sucked dry and some because their bodily resistance against the experimental genes.

Before Dark Release was able to spread, the band was brutally annihilated by the joint army of previous great villages. Almost every bit of evidence about their existence was destroyed; leaving only few unknown whereabouts remains.

At least 300 years after, various agencies tried to recover any information they could gather about this clan and their jutsu; In the hopes that they could help bring back their golden age through military superiority. The Kurayami Recovery Project was leaded by a special jounin, Ou.

By using the remaining sources and redevelopment process which cost more than a hundred people to die, Ou and his team were able to recover the dark release and using the name of Kurayami Clan once again to spread this jutsu within their village.

Elements: Dark

Specialization: /

Kekkei Genkai:  Dark Release (冥遁~Meiton)

Kekkei Genkai Description:
Dark release mainly focuses on absorbing the enemy jutsu and return it back to the enemy. However, the absorbing process and reversing the jutsu require different duration depending on rank comparison. Also, stronger jutsu can be neutralized but cannot be reversed. The newest development of this KKG is also able to use the absorbed jutsu for amplify the original Dark Release techniques. Infusing the Dark Release into weapon through ninjutsu will cause the enemy to fatigue easier and enable them to act as a jutsu absorption medium instead of normally using bare hand method.

To perform most of dark release techniques, a sign of two diamonds - one overlapping the other - is needed to apply within the user's palm. 

Dark Release is only able to absorb ninjutsu techniques. Taijutsu and Genjutsu still applies normally; Stronger jutsu can be neutralized but cannot be reversed, even able to shatter the user's hand in the process. The user with the shattered hand wouldn't able to use any Dark Release technique until getting a new arm; All Dark Release Techniques except Inhailing Maw require using one third-party stored jutsu to perform; Only able to store one jutsu at the same time.

Kekkei Genkai Jutsu:
Dark Release -Inhaling Maw:

Dark Release - Judgement:

Dark Release - Punishment:

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Kurayami Clan
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