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 Undercover Agent (Generic B-rank) (Training Lightning style: Electromagnetic Electrocution jutsu) (Private)

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Undercover Agent (Generic B-rank) (Training Lightning style: Electromagnetic Electrocution jutsu) (Private) Empty
PostSubject: Undercover Agent (Generic B-rank) (Training Lightning style: Electromagnetic Electrocution jutsu) (Private)   Undercover Agent (Generic B-rank) (Training Lightning style: Electromagnetic Electrocution jutsu) (Private) EmptySat Dec 19, 2015 7:26 pm


#Chakra level: 805
#Jonin (A-rank)

©2013 caliburn
Luke was heading out of the hidden forest village, he hadn't done any missions for the village since returning from the hidden forest village, where he had spent many years learning the way of the ninja. He remembered one of his fellow genin that he used to see from the hidden forest's academy: Okami Uchiha. He was skilled, but Luke sometimes like to make fun of him since he seemed to like running away then facing his opponents. Although that was a long time ago or at least, it felt that way to Luke. It really amazed him how all that time past, remembering things he did as a child and thinking about the time growing up in the hidden forest village, away from the hell of his true home, the hidden dark village, which wasn't even a ninja village when he left as it was controlled by gangs, thugs and anyone who would kill you six days to sunday if you even looked them wrong, but fortunately, thanks to the kuraikage and the new ninjas of the hidden dark village, they took back their home and brought it back to what it should be as one of the major ninja villages of the world they lived in now. It was funny to think that the rest of the world enjoy three hundred years of peace while the hidden dark village rotted in crime, murder and brutality that only heard of when in the hidden forest village and in a way, recent the peace of the other villages that they had a stable way of life compared to what the hidden dark village used to be.

But it mattered little now, Luke was eager to make a new start in the hidden forest after the whole issue. He had packed some supplies in a couple of bum bags that fit on his red silk obi which also doubled as a utility belt of sorts as it held by his sword and the bags on his back, it would do till they reached the village of Jigoku no ana; a place not many visited due to it being the home to a crime lord and a decent force of guards at his beck and call. From what he was aware of for this mission, he was to infiltrate the village and find the hidden forest's wolf in sheep's clothing as it were and to bring him the Intel both from the village and anything else that he learns from the time here. Luke had tortured before and he almost enjoyed it in a sadistic kind of way; playing psychological games on people and if that didn't work, a show of force and if the show didn't work, the performing of the show was almost a guarantee way to get information or it ended up in the informant's death, but normally, there were always more people who held the information he desired, the only question was which one would snap the easiest and the quickest.

He made his way to a lake, where a few lone wooden cabins sat under the darken sky as these cabins were rented out to any who wished to spend the night by the lake. The said lake with the forest surrounding them and the star filled night made it a somewhat popular spot for romantic couples to come and spend a nice and normally quiet evening in the romance set by the surroundings. Luke had rented one of those cabins as a midway point and had paid in advance. The land lord seemed quite relieved to see the recently returned hidden forest shinobi as his presence alone might scare of any would-be bandits from attacking the place. He settled into the two bed cabin with the view of the lake and forest as he put down his supply bag and his equipment bag on the bedside table and sat on the chair that faced the window. There was minimum lighting in the cabin with candles to help with the mood, but Luke was keeping a eye out for the hidden forest's uchiha, who was meant to meet him here for the mission ahead.
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Undercover Agent (Generic B-rank) (Training Lightning style: Electromagnetic Electrocution jutsu) (Private)
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