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 Reunited [C Rank Mission][Private][1040 / 250]

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PostSubject: Reunited [C Rank Mission][Private][1040 / 250]   Fri Feb 12, 2016 2:10 am

Mission Being Taken - Runaway:

"Have you seen my son? Please, have you seen him? Have you seen this little boy?" Namie had been strolling through the market in search of a new book to pass the time with when the sound of an upset female reached ears. Given how crowded the market was Namie moved off to the side and out of the way before putting one of her new abilities that Alec sensei had given her to work - Chakra Radar. With her eyes closed and her radar activated she could see precisely what was going on nearby even though there were many people between herself and the distraught couple. A middle aged man and what was clearly his wife were handing out posters of a young looking boy with black hair. The poster, which she could clearly read as well, said that he was last seen wearing a blue tunic and light gray shorts.

Frowning somewhat to herself Namie knew that time was of the essence. There were all manner of strange and frightening beasts lurking in the darkness, most of which would love the opportunity to make a snack or meal out of such a harmless little boy. If Namie, or someone else, didn't find him soon then chances were they never would - at least not all of him. It was cruel, but it was the truth.

Namie had been working on expanding her Chakra Radar and now was the perfect time to use it. With the description of the boy fresh in her mind she began to expand her sight in an attempt to locate the small child. She didn't have a lot of range, at least not as much as she could were she to enhance her sight further, but it was enough to definitely give her an edge.

At first Namie didn't see him. The boy was simply nowhere within her line of sight, or area as it was. So, Namie moved carefully and slowly, focusing and attempting to spot the boy as she did so. The more she moved the more of an area she found herself able to search. She made her way around and through the village, wanting to ensure that she left no spot unchecked. She could only hope while looking that the boy wasn't running around, which would mean she had a chance she might miss him.

It took nearly half an hour before Namie finally spotted him. The boy was outside of one of the high walls of the village, far too high for such a small child to climb on his own. There was a deformed looking boar near the kid, and it was snorting and stamping its hooves into the ground in a threatening manner. The boy, clearly scared, had his back up against the wall and looked like he was hoping that he could just sink into it and disappear. Reacting quickly Namie raced over toward the wall, using a barrel to hoist herself up high enough that she could then jump up in a nearby roof. She ran across this roof, jumped again, and landed on the edge of the wall. Namie then jumped down on the other side, landing on a crouched position in front of the child and facing the boar. Her hand was on her sheathed sword, Firestarter, but she didn't pull it out yet in hopes that her sudden appearance would scare the boar away. Unfortunately, the boar only grew angrier.

"Little boy? Close your eyes, kay? I don't want you to see this. Don't open them until I tell you you can." Namie had no way of knowing if the child would listen to her, but thankfully he did right in time for the boar to charge. Namie quickly unsheathed her weapon, sliced the boar in half, and then sheathed it again. Without giving the boy a chance to open his eyes and see such a horrible sight she picked him up and jumped high into the air. She landed on the edge of the wall, jumped to the roof, and then down to the ground before placing the boy down. "You can open your eyes now. Your mom and dad are looking for you..." Namie held her hand out for the little boy to take and waited to see if he did.

The little boy opened his eyes and then looked at Namie wearily as if unsure about her. Namie simply smiled in what she hoped was a friendly way. "Your mom was wearing a real pretty blue dress with purple flowers on it; she had on a big straw had with the same colored flower on it on the front. Your dad was wearing a silly shirt with bananas and stripes all over it and tan colored pants, right?" The little boy looked slightly shocked that Namie could explain all of that and simply nodded before taking her hand.

Namie led the boy back through the village safely and to the market. People moved out of their way as she then made her way over to where his parents were. "I think I found your son..." The little boy let go of Namie's hands and ran into his parents arms who scooped him up with a chorus of thank you's. Namie simply grinned a bit and then turned and walked away after a wave goodbye: she was glad she could help, but she wasn't so good with dealing with the whole family thing so it was definitely time for her to go.

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Reunited [C Rank Mission][Private][1040 / 250]
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