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 Into the Sand [Mori-Sabaku Travel]

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Into the Sand [Mori-Sabaku Travel] Empty
PostSubject: Into the Sand [Mori-Sabaku Travel]   Into the Sand [Mori-Sabaku Travel] EmptyMon Jan 04, 2016 8:38 am

Okami was set for a week, but at the speed he was travelling it would only take him a few hours to get there. He was excited to rejoin his team, that was for sure. He wasn't sure what they had learned in the Village Hidden in the Darkness, or Kurayamigakure, but whatever it was would have made them powerful. Okami had a couple ideas of his own to teach them, under supervision and as long as it was okay, but that could wait for now. As it was, he was moving as fast as humanly possible under the stress of the desert, that is, as fast as he could without getting heat sickness. Soon, he had arrived a the main gates. Seeking out the Holeman Clinic, he would wait there for them to arrive.

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Into the Sand [Mori-Sabaku Travel]
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