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 Party Guard [Mission, C-Rank 702 words]

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Akira Uchiha
Akira Uchiha

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PostSubject: Party Guard [Mission, C-Rank 702 words]   Sun Dec 20, 2015 11:01 am


Mission Taken:

There was a party going on in the high end area of the village. The owners of the big house couldm't seem to find competent bodyguards to keep out the riff raff. When Akira showed up, and the owners saw that he was the kid from the Uchiha Clan currently making waves around the village for being a dilligent little helper in all manner of things, like shutting down a drug trade, escorting important people back to their home villages and defending them against rouge ninja, and other tasks that would seem impossible for a small kid, they were more than happy to have him stand watch.

The couple of hours he stood there were pretty boring, but it could have been worse. Rich people standing around in their expensive clothes, drinking expensive wines and liquor. Some people were playing music from violins, a bass and a piano. Akira had almost dozed off a couple of times before the smell hit his nose first. It wasn't the smell of the expensive colognes and perfumes of the party goers, no, it was the smell of ass and under arm. Akira noticed 2 boys, probably from the slums, approaching with the intention of being let in.

"Hey," one of them said. "Ninja boy. How bout you let us sneak in, huh? We won't stay here long, we're just after the food."

"Yeah, yeah," said the other.

"Sorry, this party's invite only," Akira answered.

"Aww come on, don't be a goody 2 shoes ninja boy, we just wanna eat man," said the first with a frown

"Yeah, yeah," said the second.

Akira looked at the second one strangely. "That's your problem, not mine. I'm being paid to keep the uninvited out, and right now, you're uninvited. Now get outta here..." The boys grumbled and moved off.

A few minutes later, Akira caught sight of them sneaking around back, no doubt to infiltrate and have at the long table filled with food and drink.

He was being paid to do a job, so he was going to do it. One boy stood still while the other went to get onto his shoulders in order to boost himself over the wall into the backyard of the house where the party was taking place. The booster suddenly found himself tripped, causing both boys to take a spill. "Whaa---what the---"

They both look up to see Akira standing there. "I told you, this party is invite only."

"Well aren't you just the poster boy for being a good guy," the first said as they got back to their feet. "You just can't leave us alone, can you? I guess we're gonna have to kick your face in!"

"Yeah, yeah," said the second.

"Guarding this party was boring. I could use the exercise, bring it on."

"There's two of us! You really think you stand a chance? You're gonna get---" He was interrupted by a kick in the mouth, sending him spilling back to the pavement. The second swing fists towards Akira, all blocked or avoided. A hard kick was executed toward his side, slamming into his ribs and launching him to slam into the wall behind him. He hit the ground after hitting the wall to lie on his face clutching his side.

The first got back up, his nose bleeding, to try punching Akira like the first. Akira countered every punch with his own punch. After 5 punches to the face Akira felled him with another kick to the side of his head. "You done yet? Starting to get the picture?"

The first pulled himself to his feet and helped up the second, who was still clutching his side. "We... we won't forget this," said the first, pulling the second from the scene and heading back towards the slums. "We'll get you for this..."

"Yeah.... y-yeah..." said the second.

"Yeah, whatever. I'll look forward to that..."

Maybe another hour passed before the party ended, and Akira was released from his duties...

702 words
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Party Guard [Mission, C-Rank 702 words]
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