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 Payback (Party Guard part 2)[Mission, C-Rank 513 words]

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Akira Uchiha
Akira Uchiha

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PostSubject: Payback (Party Guard part 2)[Mission, C-Rank 513 words]   Sun Dec 20, 2015 11:03 am


Mission Taken:

Akira was on his way home to get something to eat. Standing there at that party all that time directly in view of that table lined end to end with food caused his stomach to growl. He rubbed the knuckles of both his hands, still somewhat sore from fighting with those 2 slum kids.

It was walking up a set of stairs between 2 large buildings, where there was a small courtyard with benches and a water fountain, that he encountered them. The 2 boys from earlier. This time they had someone big with them. The first boy still had dried up blood under his nose, and the second was still nursing his ribs.

"See, that's him there he is," said the first one. "Thought you were funny earlier huh? Well you're gonna get it now!"

"Yeah, yeah," said the second. They had the way blocked. Akira could have easily gotten around them, but he thought this could be fun.

"Oh no, i'm so scared," Akira said with sarcasm, looking bored.

"So, you thought it would be funny to beat up 2 kids trying to get something to eat huh?" asked the older boy, looking down at Akira, who didn't look amused. "You wanna try that with me?"

"I was kinda hungry to be honest, but if you wanna go home all bloody and hurt like these 2 clowns, then sure, I can use the practice."

The bigger boy frowned and lunged towards Akira, throwing a hard punch towards his face. Akira was smaller and more agile, and easily avoided this punch. A succession of kicks were executed towards his legs and mid-section. The confident little brother's smiles slowly melted into dread, anger and fear as Akira easily made sport of the bigger brother, avoiding his attacks and countering with hard kicks to the legs and gut.

A final kick to the face knocked him down, and drew blood just as Akira said he would. The bigger brother struggled to get up, seeing stars and white spots in his eyes. "You... you little..."

One of the little brothers threw dirt towards Akira. Blinded, this allowed the 2 little brothers to begin punching and kicking Akira while he was distracted. None of the blows did any serious damage. A kick to the same spot as the brother with the rib injury sent him back to the ground crying. Akira jumped and performed an aerial kick that hit the other kid three times, also sending him to the ground crying.

Akira landed and shook the dirt off of him. "Didn't have to be this way," he said, reaching into his pocket to pull out a handfull of ryo, tossing it to the crying kids. "When you dry your tears, go buy something to eat instead of trying to steal it. You all might want to consider jobs too. I'm doing them, what's stopping you all?"

Akira then moved off and continued heading for home.

513 words
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Payback (Party Guard part 2)[Mission, C-Rank 513 words]
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