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 Mission Complete (Travel thread. Mori to Kurayami.)

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Mission Complete (Travel thread. Mori to Kurayami.) Empty
PostSubject: Mission Complete (Travel thread. Mori to Kurayami.)   Mission Complete (Travel thread. Mori to Kurayami.) EmptyWed Dec 23, 2015 7:14 am

His job done, Kurai figure it about time to head back to his own village. He did happen to stick around for a day, Sleeping in tree branches just like he'd done many times before, just to see the outcome behind all of this. He saw all that transpired through his Shinsai ability.

After leaving Luke in the care of Temaki the Morikage, he had the audacity to get mouthy with her, disrespecting her, and another individual who happened to just appear in the office out of thin air. He couldn't hear what was being said, but years of watching people through Shinsai had taught Kurai how to read lips. The man called Temaki his wife, and put a strange looking sword to Luke's neck. Luke continued to get mouthy, even though everyone in that office was stronger than he was, and it resulted in his head being removed from his shoulders.

Kurai didn't even bat an eye. He simply shook his head. "Hmmph," he mumbled.

The later meeting between Okami, the shinobi he'd flattened, and Temaki didn't go as he expected it to. Kurai was sure Temaki was going to ream him a new one, but she went light on him. He was injured, but the queer armor he wore was able to nullify his attacks somewhat. Furthermore, Kurai came to find that by flattening the Uchiha, he'd awakened his Sharingan. Kurai still didn't bat an eye.

As he lifted off the next day with Little Kong on his back, he figured that Okami should be thanking him for the beating he'd given him since it turned out to be beneficial, and that he should be counting his blessings since he could have done much worse. Kurai hoped that he had the sense enough to stay away from Kurayami for a long while, because a second encounter would turn out much worse than the first.

Something black could be seen flying away from Morigakure. As it went higher it picked up speed, and disappeared from the distance.

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Mission Complete (Travel thread. Mori to Kurayami.)
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