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 Kitten Pet [D Rank Mission][WC 530]

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Kitten Pet [D Rank Mission][WC 530] Empty
PostSubject: Kitten Pet [D Rank Mission][WC 530]   Kitten Pet [D Rank Mission][WC 530] EmptySat Dec 19, 2015 3:56 pm

Mission Taken - Find my Pet!:

Heiwa felt a bit sad as she looked to the crying little girl: she was crying because her pet who also happened to be her best friend had jumped out of her own window and wandered off when no one was looking. It was probably a mistake that the girl wouldn't make again whether her pet was found or not. Heiwa hoped to complete the task successfully: she didn't want the girl to continue to cry and be upset and meloncholy. "I'll see if I can find her. You said she was an orange kitten?" The little girl would nod in response and Heiwa would pat her gently on the head in what she hoped was taken as a reassuring way. "I'll do my best!"

Heiwa left then, allowing the little girl's parents to consule her while Heiwa started on her task at hand. Finding an orange kitten likely wouldn't be all that hard in a normal village, buty Kurayami was dark all of the time as if it were constantly night. That was going to make things a bit more interesting, and a bit harder. Just like with the previous missions Heiwa had done, though, she wasn't going to give up and let a bit of difficulty stop her.

Instead Heiwa first headed to the docks where she knew her father to be working; he was often given the fish too small to sell in the market to take home for dinner, and a plan was in mind if she could convince him to give her one. "Daddy. Can I have a tiny fish, please?", she would ask upon finding him.

"Whatever for, dear?"

"A little girl lost her kitten and I've beena asked to find it. I figured the fish would help me lure her out; kitties love fish, right?" Her father smiled, chuckled, and nodded his head. He walked over to one of the nets he had been planning on emptying out and plucked from it a tiny little fish that wouldn't have been good for even a single bite for a human due to its small size.

"There you are dear. Good luck on finding that kitty."

Heiwa would take the fish with a grin and nod before taking off, heading in the direction of the last known location that the kitten was spotted in. Upon arrival she would begin to wave the fish around, allowing the wind to take the scent of it and spread it further. "Here kitty, kitty, kitty. I got some fish for you..." It took a few minutes but sure enough the orange kitten came wandering up, intertwining itself in Heiwa's legs and meowing at her as it stared at the fish. Giggling Heiwa scooped up the kitten and held the fish in front of it so it could eat it while they walked. The fish was gone before Heiwa had made it back to the little girl who hugged her kitten happily once it was handed over.

Heiwa was thanked which just made her nod and grin before she turned and walked away, leaving the little girl to get reaquanted with her pet.

Word Count: 530 / 100
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Kitten Pet [D Rank Mission][WC 530]
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