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 Blood is thicker then water (travel thread from the hidden forest to hidden desert) (open)

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Fauna Yasenha
Fauna Yasenha

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Blood is thicker then water (travel thread from the hidden forest to hidden desert) (open) Empty
PostSubject: Blood is thicker then water (travel thread from the hidden forest to hidden desert) (open)   Blood is thicker then water (travel thread from the hidden forest to hidden desert) (open) EmptySat Jan 23, 2016 12:26 pm


#Chakra level: 780
#Jonin (A-rank)

©2013 caliburn
This was bad; the kage had come in, missing a arm and without a good medical ninja, he was going to die. It was situations like this where Luke had to swallow his own pride, regardless of how he felt towards the hidden dark and hidden forest, he'd be damned if he was going to let him die like this. He would head over to the kage, being held in the medical centre and he would take him out to the village gate, where he would summon his main summoning contract, looking at the evening and where the sun was, it was going to be now or never. He made the scroll unravel around him, swirling around him till he saw the main seal and bit his thumb on his right hand.

"Summoning jutsu!" Luke called out and placed his hand on the seal as it burst with white smoke, revealing Kōmori with his "I only drink blood on weekends" sleeping mask over his eyes and he looked at Luke, not the best pleased.

"What is it now, Luke? you know better then to disturb my sleep...wait, is that blood I smell?" Kōmori said grumbly before his sensitive nose picked up the scent of fresh blood coming from the kage. He would lick it and taste there was something powerful in the blood, but also something very wrong with him.

"I see now; he's dying isn't he and you need me to fly him somewhere, don't you? I can taste it in his blood," Kōmori said, looking at Luke and Luke nodded with the kage on his back if there.

"That's right, I need you to fly him to the hidden desert village; if I take him on foot, I'd never make it in time, the only way he'll survive is for you to fly him there and give the Arenokage or whoever finds you first this letter from me; asking them to take the Harukage to the medical centre and ask for a S-rank medical ninja or higher to tend to his wounds and that I pray that they can save his life, I will be there as soon as I can or better yet, once you drop off the kage, come back for me and take me there, but don't worry about that for now, just take him and go before he makes me regret it," Luke explained as he would place the kage onto Kōmori's back, tucking him in under the red ribbon to keep him secure on Kōmori while also placing the letter between the kage and the ribbon so it wouldn't fall out in flight. Kōmori nodded at him, setting his sights for the hidden desert before he would take off high into the sky and take off at top speed for the village while Luke started his journey to the hidden desert village, eager to be there as soon as he could to see over the condition of his kage; whether or not the kage would be thankful for Luke doing this for him or if he didn't even know that Luke had saved him, it didn't matter, Luke would let fate decide what happened next.
technique log

Summoning Contract:

Animal/Plant Type: Vampire Bat
Elemental Affinity: Fire
Specialization: Flight
Summon Type: Animal (Large)

Rank: A

Description: Kōmori (Bat) is a giant vampire bat, equal in size with a small house. He has large, sensitive bat ears that he uses for echolocation to detect prey or incoming enemies; however they are so sensitive that normal talking to Kōmori is like shouting at him, so he normal asks people to speak gently or in whispers as he prefers not to get a headache from all the talking people do. He has a furry back, covered in black fur and large bat wings with black scales covering them to make them more resistant to damage. He also wears a long, red silk rope around his neck to allow Luke or another passager to hold on; however he very much dislikes the ribbon as he finds it "too girly" for his tastes, however, he understands Luke's desire to not accidentally choke him with a regular rope instead and went with something softer so its was more comfortable. He's quite gruff, especially if he's summoned during his nap till midnight, which tends to be the case a lot of the time, so he ends up acting like he got out the wrong side of bed; grumpy, irritable and serious. He does enjoy drinking blood and normally does it to cheer himself up after being summoned.

General appearance:

Summoning Process: Luke first has to summon the summoning scroll from a smaller scroll he keep with him. He then throws it into the air, where it floats while the roll of the scroll comes out and swirls around him, covered in various kanji; the main one being a set of kanji (吸血コウモリ) that translate to "vampire bat" within a arcane sealing circle, made of smaller kanji. Luke then presses his blood against the seal before it bursts into a cloud of white smoke before revealing Kōmori.


Name: Fire Style: Red Moon Blast jutsu
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: B
Type: Offensive
Element: Fire
Range: Medium to Long range
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: one post
Cooldown: 3 posts
Description: Kōmori charges up the flames inside his mouth into a ball shape, before firing it as a think, wide beam of fire, able to cause wide-scale destruction and cause burns of varying intensity, depending on how much the person was caught in the attack and what Rank they are and if they used any jutsus to counter it. Consumes 20 chakra to use.

Drawbacks: Despite his speed, flight and offensive abilities; He's not very durable as a well timed shot from a C to B Rank Jutsu can burn through his fur or his light defences, leaving him vulnerable if he was hit. Also, he doesn't like loud sounds as they throw him off and he doesn't like working in the day as it hurts his eyes which are naturally adjusted to the darkness.
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Jounin (S)
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Blood is thicker then water (travel thread from the hidden forest to hidden desert) (open) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Blood is thicker then water (travel thread from the hidden forest to hidden desert) (open)   Blood is thicker then water (travel thread from the hidden forest to hidden desert) (open) EmptySat Jan 23, 2016 1:01 pm

Pain. That was what he felt. Muninn had gotten to the edge of the Village and had been picked up by Luke and his summon. Now he was flying towards Sabakugakure on the back of a giant vampire bat, keeping pressure on his stump of an arm. Watching the ocean below him turn to sand, he was fading fast. He had maybe another hour or two before he bled out. Fun times. Now that he had become Kage, he refused to let himself die. He refused to let himself leave Mori in the hands of two idiots, one Okami Uchiha and a Luke Yasenha. Not now, not today.
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Blood is thicker then water (travel thread from the hidden forest to hidden desert) (open)
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