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 Defeat the Bandit! [A C-rank Mission-WC: 432/250]

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Defeat the Bandit! [A C-rank Mission-WC: 432/250] Empty
PostSubject: Defeat the Bandit! [A C-rank Mission-WC: 432/250]   Defeat the Bandit! [A C-rank Mission-WC: 432/250] EmptyWed Feb 17, 2016 9:28 pm

Da Mission:

A Migraine Headache. It was keeping him awake. Suna had learned to deal with and operate around the pain, but that didn't mean he liked it. It was a constant, throbbing pain that stayed with him. When he did manage to sleep, he dreamed of pain. Suna was keeping away from Coach Emiko and Miyuki because he didn't want to involve them. He'd tried using the Mystical Palm Technique to relieve himself of the pain, but this relief only came in short doses. The pain would numb, or even disappear for a while, but would return, worse than before. It was as if it was punishing Suna for trying to get rid of it.

So, to occupy himself and try to take his mind off the pain, Suna did jobs around the village. He couldn't sleep that night, so after putting his gourd back on he left out of his 2 roomed house to do something; to do anything. He couldn't figure out why this pain was staying with him, pounding at his head. Did he catch something in Kurayamigakure? Was he dying? Suna didn't want to suffer; if this was his time, he wished to just be put out of his misery. Suffering horrible pains was no way for anyone to die. He wouldn't wish something like this on his worst enemy.

A mission scroll. Apparently a bandit from out in the desert somewhere was coming into the village at night to rob and loot. Suna dressed in a black hoodie and wandered the dark desert streets. Sure enough, the bandit appeared to rob some of the market place stalls, but was interrupted by sand. It seemed to be alive, and grabbed the bandit to throw him against a wall. He slammed into it, then picked himself up to look at his attacker; a young boy wearing a gas mask.

"I'll make you pay for that you freak," he yelled, drawing 2 kunai.

"Better a freak than some dirty desert dog who has to steal from hard working citizens," Suna replied. "Go suck on a cactus you thieving fuck..."

Enraged, the bandit lunged at Suna. Every one of his swings was blocked by a wall of sand. The Kunai was snatched from his hands and he was again grabbed by sand. It raised the bandit up and slammed him into the ground several times. After the last slam, he was no longer moving. Suna made the sand drop him and he began to walk off as village ninja approached to arrest the bandit.

Word Count: 432/250
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Defeat the Bandit! [A C-rank Mission-WC: 432/250]
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