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 Guard Duty [A D-ranked Mission-WC: 557/100]

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Guard Duty [A D-ranked Mission-WC: 557/100] Empty
PostSubject: Guard Duty [A D-ranked Mission-WC: 557/100]   Guard Duty [A D-ranked Mission-WC: 557/100] EmptyWed Feb 17, 2016 11:22 pm

Da Mission:

Sabakugakure. Suna was at home here, now more than ever. With everything he'd been doing, even with a migraine headache that he'd had since leaving that Kage summit, Suna was being regarded as a hero. People smiled when they saw him coming. Villagers talked about everything he'd been doing: stopping thieves, being bodyguard for that rich girl, beating up bandits, saving the whole village from pirates, and generally helping people out with menial tasks. It would all be pretty cool if it weren't for this blasted headache.

It didn't matter. He wasn't going to let a headache stop him from finally making a name for himself in an established village. He'd aimed to one day do the same thing over in Mori, but all those plans were stopped by a certain lobster Uchiha that Suna didn't want to name or even think about. The circumstances behind encounters with that Uchiha lead Suna to be here, in the desert, where he felt most at home. Now he was working to show everyone that he was here to stay, and that he wouldn't let anything bad happen in Sabaku, even with a migraine headache.

Already upon setting foot in the village Suna could notice a rising amount of crime. Petty thugs committing small time robberies and strong arming shop owners. It seemed that someone got it into their heads that this village was ripe for the plucking, and gathering themselves a foothold here would pretty much guarantee them the underground market. It wouldn't be long before some so-called crime lord emerged and began claiming Sabaku for themselves. He noticed no one dared tried strong arming the Holemans though. That area of the village was crime free, and with good reason.

This seemed to be the perfect time to begin sharpening his skills. The perfect time to really begin pushing himself to be a legend of Sabaku. This was now his home, and Suna began to feel like it was his duty to protect it. Sure, other sorts of heroes and vigilantes would probably appear, but Suna planned on being the most well known of them. Whoever these criminal guys were, he planned on sending them a message.

There were always jobs to do at the mission board. An authority or parently figure would have probably told him not to engage in anything serious with an ailment, even though Suna could feel that he'd grown far stronger than the average 15 year old, mostly due to carrying around his gourd from place to place, along with training of his own.

Apparently someone was breaking into some of the shops at night to steal candy. This night, Suna noticed no one. He sat cross-legged on the ground before the shop, face deep within a manga. Several moved around in the shadows, thinking they were unnoticed, or perhaps thinking Suna wasn't paying attention, but whoever it was seemed to change directions upon noticing that someone was around this time. The book was a great aid in helping the night go by quicker, and before he knew it, the sun was rising and businesses were beginning to open up for the day. The owner of the shop thanked Suna, and he responded with but a nod before moving off...

Word Count: 557/100
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Guard Duty [A D-ranked Mission-WC: 557/100]
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